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H2G2 can be a large and bewildering place at times. And there's so many conversations going on, on such a wide variety of subjects, that you could well be missing the hottest, most interesting, most controversial thread of the day.

To this end, I'm planning to record the most interesting thread of the day here on this page. Obviously, I'll have my own opinion of what that thread will be. But you may have been somewhere I haven't, and know of threads that I don't.

So, if you feel that the thread you are taking part in (or lurking on) is particularly interesting, then let me know. But please note, I'm only interested in the movement on the thread today, not whether it's generally interesting, but only whether today's action has been quite gripping.

20th October 2004

Can I have your attention again please, boys and girls?

Vicky Virago announces the arrival of a newbie. Who also happens to be her sister. As if one wasn't enough.

11th October 2004

11 October, 2004: Revised *Revised* Downtime Advance Warning - 12 October, 2004 - 1000hrs BST

Oh, these italics do get themselves all mixed up, don't they? The original version of the title above refered to downtime on 11 October, 2004, and indeed, the first post of the thread still refers to downtime on Tuesday, 11 October. But Tuesday is the 12th. Oh dear. Confusion reigns.

8th October 2004

William Shatner (of Stark Trek Cpt Kirk fame) covers "Common People" by "Pulp"

C'mon, you know you want to listen to this. That famed mangler of lyrics, William Shatner, has once more seen fit to put his vocal chord on the outside of another song. It's over thirty years since his last album, The Transformed Man, so everyone will have thought that it was all safely behind him. But no! You can't stop Mr Shatner once he gets started. Thankfully, hootooers rejoice in this sort of intentional rubbish. Note to self:Must write an entry on 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins'.

29th September 2004


The main thread of Pratchetts Anonymous has been quite interesting today. Cat-Eyes has discovered the Euro symbol, GodBen has discovered the Monster Raving Loony Party, and the rest of us have been throwing rocks from afar.

28th September 2004

Before anyone asks...

Master B is unwell. Go and sympathise. Or point and laugh. It's your choice really.

27th September 2004

Communication and men!

Another of the ocassional 'why are men like this, and women like that' thread that crop up once in a while. This time Serephina.. is the instigator, asking why men are less communicative than women. And then the whole can of worms exploded again.

23rd September 2004

23 September, 2004: Want to Take Part in a TV Programme?

Sorry. I've been bust for the last week, and so been unable to hunt for interesting threads. But we return with one of great controvesy. When the thread first appeared it was called '23 September, 2004:', when I pointed this out the italics changed it to '23 September, 2004: Want to Take Part of a TV Programme?'. When Peet and I pointed out the grammatical error in that the italics changed it again to the header it now holds. It's me. I know it is. They just want me to look silly.

16th September 2004

Hunting - an issue of civil libererties? Would you break the law to continue doing something you believe in?

Again, the major news story of the previous day becomes a heated Forum thread. There are researchers here on both sides of the debate, and very vocal in their views. Even if you have nothing to contribute this is an interesting one to watch.

14th September 2004

Is nearly being killed in a Batman Outfit, a good way of proving you're a fit person to bring up children? (The Forum)

It may have been the major news story of the 13th, but it was the 14th when this Forum really took off. Are there any responsible superheroes left in the world? They all seem to be climbing large culturally important structures these days. Either that or discarding their customes in order to throw condoms at Tony Blair. Do they validate their point in doing these things, or detract from it? Discuss.

9th September 2004

Please help settle a Master B-Odo argument

It's simple really. Odo likes The Sound of Music, but Master B doesn't. Who do you think is right? Pick your sides carefully, now. This could turn messy.

8th September 2004

7 September, 2004: Potential Downtime Advance Warning - 8 September, 2004 - 1000hrs BST

Clearly, this announcement was made on the 7th, but the thread became interesting when we reached 1000hrs BST and nothing happened. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Eventually Jim Lynn admitted that the expected upgrade (which could, potentially, cause some downtime) hadn't actually occured as yet. It was at this point that the name of the thread was changed to '7 September, 2004: Potential Downtime Advance Warning - 8 September, 2004 Some time this afternoon', and life continued as normal. The upgrade didn't bring about any downtime in the end, by the way. Scaremongering italics.

7th September 2004


I know, the capital letters and mutliple exclamation marks are not inviting, but this a nice fun thread. Started by mad_dog_dave2003, this is a thread were those of us that remember the 80s can quitely reminisce while the rest of the world goes on around us. Personally, I quite fondly recall short-lived US TV series like 'Manimal', 'Automan' and 'Street Hawk'. No one else does, though.

6th September 2004

6 September, 2004: New Temporary Team Member for h2g2

The week began with the announcement of a new temporary italic. But I can't help but wonder whether this temporary nature means that Beth should be an italic rather than an italic, if you see what I mean. Either way, let's all welcome this new addition to the Towers!

4th September 2004

A2966484 - The Magic Roundabout, Swindon, UK

Every so often a Peer Review submission can be a little controversial, and so spark more florid debate than is usual. This entry originally written by the long-departed Smeghead, but submitted to PR by Felonious Monk is one such. FM was loathe to alter the entry substantially, for fear of watering down the satire, but Zarquon's Singing Fish! asked for just those kind of changes. Agreement was finally reached, but much entertainment was had before it was.

3rd September 2004

Russain Siege

While there were several highly amusing threads that caught me attention today, it this very serious one that proved to be the most thought provoking, unfortunately. It was Woodpigeon that posted to The Forum when the siege in that Russian school broke. Discussion about the unfolding events and the possible reasons behind them continued on from there.

2nd September 2004

Thursday's Choice - News

Now, that title confuses me a little, is our beloved former italic Mina saying that she choose news on Thing, or it is that she is relaying Thursday's news of choice? Either way it's a good choice, as she exposes this news story to the fascination of the waiting hordes on her journal.

1st September 2004

Who wants to give/recieve a Gmail invite?

For those not in the know there's been a thread along similar lines running is GreyDesk'ssmiley - spaceJournal for a while, but Croz decide to unleash the giving and recieving of Gmail invites onto Askh2g2. And if you have a few invites lying around, remember that it is better to give than to recieve.

29th August 2004

Invention of the rock

Sundays can be quite dull. Everywhere except in 2legs world, it seems. The important thing with 2legs is not to try to understand him, for that way many have floundered. Just accept his weirdness, and hang on for the ride.

28th August 2004

Have the Tories lost it? (UK Centric)

This thread began a few days ago, and has been rattling along quite nicely, but it is today's discussion on the thread that has been the most interesting. The original question posed by Ictoan having been quite definately answered in the affirmative (you weren't expecting anything else were you?) the talk today has dodged around researcher's reasons for voting, a bit of bizarre political imagery, and how many people need to be in a room for there to be an even chance that two people share a birthday.

27th August 2004

Radio Series - New Website Online!

There were several threads vying for my attention today, but none of them quite took off in the way that one might hope. So instead, here's a thread where the subject matter is interesting, rather than the conversation (though that is getting more interesting as I speak). Many DNA fans have been looking forward to the new radio series for quite a while, and with the unveiling of a dedicated website, this must mean that the dawning of the show is almost upon us. Thanks to Paully for making the announcement.

26th August 2004

Sarcasm-only thread

It was Icy North's marvelous idea to start this thread, which kept many people amused for hours on end. It sustained the humour all through the afternoon, and provided good all-round entertainment all day. (add your own sarcastic tone of voice)

25th August 2004

The campaign to ban our beloved Jimster from logging on

For our opening day we present an interesting twist on the ocassional 'Why is hootoo on the fritz?' style of thread. This thread was started by Vicki Virago, who lays the blame squarely at Jimster's door. Eventually Jimster arrived to defend himself, only to be told by VV's mom that her daughter is a known trouble-maker and so should be ignored. And then it went uphill from there.

Typically Entertaining Places

Following a suggestion from Ictoan, I'm setting up a standing list of normally interesting places.

The first, and so far only, place in this list is Master B's page. Master B has created or taken over many deeply funny threads here on h2g2, and rightfully deserves recognition for it. His Journal is often entertaining, and he is also the poser of the Somewhat Embarrassing Question.

If there's somewhere else, either a page or a thread, that provides equal entertainment, then let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

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