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Enter now, those who mourn

The FREAK association sadly mourn the loss of members from h2g2. These people are missing, presumed internet-less and information regarding their mortal status would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah, known as "Rejected Angel". Last seen on September 21st 2003
Daraline, known as "Angel of Edmonton". Last seen on October 1st 2003
Lemmings-go-splat, known as "Angel of Dark Sox". Last seen on February 26th 2004
Damien Yukai, known as "Lord of Writable Pants". Last seen January 26th 2004
Metal_Messiah, known as "Lord of Metal Mania". Last seen January 29th 2004
Anarane, known as "Angel of All things mythical, wooly and colourful". Gone for an unknown amount of time
NothingToDoWithAnything, known simply as FREAK NothingToDoWithAnything. Gone for an unknown amount of time

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