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Where's yer titfer, John?

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This week's CAC-C concerns hats. Well obviously. Why? Because.


This week's Hatstand:

The first entry up this week is A2686511 by U201497. You're right, that entry has nothing to do with hats. They're not mentioned. But its author you see has a lot to do with hats. It's doubtful whether any other h2g2 researcher has quite as many hats as Jodan. Among them being h2g2's Blacksheep, Boot's Wolf, Hypatia's Godfather, Edited Guide entry writer extraordinaire, Post Reporter, Sub-Editor, Ace, Guru, University Field Researcher, NSS T-shirt wearer and UnderGuide Editor. In this week's CAC-C we celebrate the latest addition to Jodan's hat rack. That of the black and blue peaked cap of the But-for-a-Fall-at-the-Last-Hurdle-UnderGuide-Author. 'The Healing Powers of Windex' was put forward as an UnderGuide selection but rejected by TPTB on product placement grounds. This piece is well worth the read for entertainment value but also for some insight into the character of this Jodan guy who has his name on so much of the Guide. Hats off to you Jodan!

Titfer Tat, John.

And back to hats proper. The second featured entry is U228046's different and neat use of letters to produce A2686557. A proper hat that, a rather jaunty homburg I think. An image that says it all. There are those who say that not enough hats are being worn today. Don't you fancy cutting a dash in a hat like that?

Titfer Tat?

On the other hand wide brimmed hats pulled down low to cover the eyes might have sinister overtones. Especially when worn with overcoats. U203528 has an eerie story; A2686593. This tale is all Researcher 203528 ever posted to h2g2. Which is a shame, particularly if he or she really was only twelve when this was written.

Titfer Tat - Hat, John!

And finally U239035's A2686647smiley - . As it says in small print somewhere on this page the views expressed here are those of members of the public and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC. Aunty Beeb could never recommend this type of research. But it would be interesting to know whether the type of hat used has any bearing on the efficacy of this cure. So if you give it try please report back stating category of hat; bobble or boater, porkpie or panama, stetson or stingy brim...?

I saw it last on the bedpost.

This week's bonnet parade from the CAC Continuum was picked from the Alternative Writing Workshop and other corners of h2g2 by Waz, while mining (in a daffodil yellow hard hat) for gems for the UG.

Would that be the left or the right hand bedpost, John?

The boilerplate:

And, finally, a doffed Fedora to those who have helped, offered help, almost but not quite assisted but haven't gotten in the way, and those with alien tracks on their toppers and Groucho ashes in their berets. We couldn't do it without you.The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This Wellington Boot of processed imitation cheese food inspected and packaged by (tonsil revenge)!

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