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Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Hi Pheloxi!

I've said it before, I love this page! smiley - ok

I was having a conversation with Lil the other day, and accidentally typed the word "wimilar" - I was saying that I thought she was *similar* to my wife. I went to correct the word, but thought it was actually a good new word, and wondered if you might consider it for your Pheloxionary?

Wimilar - describing women who think the same way about men - "They had wimilar thoughts about Moonhogg".

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pheloxi | is it time to wear a hat? |

it is good word, but pheloxionary is words created by me.

you could try http://pseudodictionary.com/
to submit your own words http://pseudodictionary.com/submit.php

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pheloxi | is it time to wear a hat? |

the following words can be found klog / neon / thin air toddler in the pseudodictionary.com

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