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a cyberspace tagline, a digital tattoo.
the researchers on the bbc's dna community

also spelled hootoo sapien.

see my journal I posted March 10, 2002:

I am not a geek. I am a h2g2 sapiens!
hibernating cyberspace
"when cyberspace goes into hibernation" is the internet version of "when hell freezes over".
  • short for backlog of a bulletin board (or a forum).
  • when a bulitin board (or a forum) is hold up by a moderator.
  • neon
    illuminated indication of something good and marvellous.

    "I think that "cool" / "kewl" lost their meaning".
    pheloxi confusing others and himself. it is hobby I can not help it smiley - .
    rainbow being
    every living creature on smiley - or in outerspace.
    taking the Dutch
    I am not saying anything about what you are saying, because my native tongue is used to speak in Dutch. I do not understand all English grammar, slang and words.

    "my sugestion try learning Dutch".
    thin air toddler
    a lurker.

    I am toddling off into thin air - I am starting to lurk.

    "watch me fly".

    I am toddling in from thin air - I am stopping to lurk.

    "the word lurk gives me a bit of negative vibe".
    wired being
    a wired being is a boffin, a geek and a nerd with a feeling for art. they are 21st century beings. they might like:
  • to collect facts and figures.
  • exchange ideas and thoughts.
  • explore minds and souls.
  • create and experience art and design.
  • organise things chaotically.
  • take care and respect life.
  • use (electronic) gagdets and gizmo's.
  • zapsitea zapsite can make the following design errors:
  • the use of simular colours for the letters and the background.
  • being arty before usability.

  • "remember: we live in a zapculture!"

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