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High Praise Indeed...

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Y'know, I reckon old Awix is actually softening...

But I really don't think Tarantino bears this level of analysis.
Things that are intricate and yet paper-thin are just too easy to pick holes in.
We should just take it at face value. It's very, very stylish, and it makes you think that it makes you think. Just as long as you don't think too much.

High Praise Indeed...

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

I have to say i don't think it made me think at all. In fact, beyond spotting where QT had lifted various bits from I don't think a single thought entered my head while watching this this film.

Except: smiley - wow I smiley - bleeping loved this movie. Nobody, and I mean nobody, despite Rodriguez's attempts to get caight in the slipstream, produces films with the sheer elan and visual panache of QT. Nobody directs actors like QT - as an ensemble cast this is possibly the best movie I've seen in five years or so. Carradine and thurman in particular shine, and for old HK geeks like me it's always a delight to see a performance as perfectly judged as Gordon Liu's as Pai Mei.

I'm bored to of worthy but dull cinema, of three hour 'epics' about two miserable gits living in a tower block in Minnesota/Bratislava/Thurrock. I'm bored of silly, fluff weight, essentially uncinematic British rom-coms that could be seen on the tv with no loss of impact *whatever*.

QT does what he says on the tin - he produces high octane films of a type that aren't seen outside of Japan and Hong Kong. We know QT can make proper movies, Jackie Brown proved that, if there was ever any doubt - now it's time to celebrate one of the most wildly creative talents working in cinema (and the only two others i can think of who bring a similar smiley - wow factor to their work atm are Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Torro).

Bring on Hellboy! smiley - devil

smiley - shark

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