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The Skeleton Issue with Avoirdupois.

'Pull my phalange, John.'

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This week's CAC-C gets down to the bare bones of existence. The thoughtful reader cannot but find themselves considering deeply the issues of skeletons; some surprising alternative uses for them and other remains, and 'de' connected topic of how a considerate person might reduce the problem by reducing what's left before they leave.

'Is that supposed to be humerus?'

De knee bone's connected to:-

Skeletons; are they a 'must have' for the closet? U249631 tells of The Lincoln Park High School Skeleton and raises more questions than she answers... Frankly, this week's CAC-C compiler would sleep more easily for knowing who K Venience is. Or was.

'Hmph. Not if you're going to be all carpal about it.'

Well thoughtful reader, if that first article raised issues for you this one is guaranteed to raise more. If U200172's diamonds are a girl's best friend... doesn't raise at least one eyebrow at least as high as Mr Spock's, this week's CAC-C compiler will eat their granny's hat. And as someone in the Alternative Writing Workshop asked; what do they do with the non carbon bits.1

...........'So. You a femur man? Or a xiphoid process man?'

Hopefully, dear reader the end is nowhere nigh for you. This next article, while it might reduce the problems of the after, is for here and now. U217777 makes a plea to "any of you who find your selves at a little gravitational disadvantage" in Cleaning products, Weight loss and you. However his observations would also be of interest to those with no avoirdupois to lose. Those other than skeletons that is.

The End.

'Uncle George! How's it hanging?'

This week's serving of left overs from the CAC Continuum was rendered by Waz, from offerings submitted to the Alternative Writing Workshop, and tendered for the thoughtful reader's perusal in conjunction with the mining operations of the UG.

The boilerplate:

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but haven't gotten in the way, and those with alien tracks on their foreheads and Groucho ashes in their breast pockets.

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1Does anyone know if silica is recyclable.

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