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Hey, there. You know, the other day I noticed that h2g2 didn't have a nice little place where researchers could just sit back and play a few games of chess. So, I said, "Hey, just put up a page! It's so simple! People could just come in, indicate that they want to play by clicking on the forum box things, and as more people find out, this site can even teach people to play chess." Well, after a few days, then after a few weeks of nagging from Irving Washington, I finally managed to write an article on Algebraic Chess Notation which is the primary means for writing down chess moves. If you don't know what it is, just click on the link. Anyway, if you want to play a chess game, just leave a message on the forum postings. Oh, and thanks to Irving Washington, Courtesy, and everyone else who said, "Hey, that's a neat idea. Go do it."

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