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The Australian Dog

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Sorry, here is another one, billed as absolutely true:

A friend of a friend came back from Australia with a brand new dog. It was small and sandy coloured and didn't bark much.

Soon after her return she took it with her when she went to visit a friend, who also had a dog, but the friend's dog was a huge thing; an alsatian or a doberman or the like.

Anyway, they sat down to have a coffee and put the two dogs into the living room out of the way. After about 10 munites they went into the living room and found.......that the small dog had eaten the big dog, skin and bones and all, soundlessly and in the short time they were in the kitchen.

Turns out the Australian dog wasn't a dog at all, but some kind of ferocious rat.......

And I'd very much like to know if there is such a rat.

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The Australian Dog

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