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Rocket car

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I don't know if this guy is for real or, but if he's not then this is the best rendition/variation of the rocket car story I've ever come across. the site is http://www.cardhouse.com/rocketcar/ROCKIT.HTML
I found it in the sharewair section of the annals of improbable research www.improb.com


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Rather than start another thread thought I would add I just remembered the UL about the guy who sits in a crowded cafe (buffet car) with a newspaper and a packet of biscuits, another man joins him and a few minutes later the guy casualy reaches over and takes a biscuit, the original guy is british so says nothing, merely gives the biscuit thief a withering look and reaches over and takes one himself.
surprisingly the thief repeats the process, as does our hero until eventually all the biscuits are gone. at this point the interloper gets up and leaves and the our original guy picks up his paper to read and low and behold under the paper is a packet of biscuits, he had been eating the other guys biscuits all along.

a long story for not much gain sorry, the reason I tell it is that I've heard it several times as a UL , but the first time I heard it was on Pebble mill at one, or some similar show, when Douglas Adams told it as an anecdote that happened to him.

so true or legend, does anybody know for sure?


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Agent 13

Well, in a message relayed to the doubters in alt.folklore.urban ([Broken link removed by Moderator]Adams says that it happened to him in 1976, and that the story started to spread far and wide after he told it to people a few years later. Unfortunately, ULmeister Jan Harold Brunvand documents the tale as being in circulation before 1975 in more than one version in his book The Choking Doberman ([Broken link removed by Moderator]). So, while not judging the validity of Adams' experience (and denying that he might be a lemon), apparently the story preceded the occurence, at least in this case.


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cool, Thank you. I'll check the sites out when I get the chance.

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