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A certain lack of chain restaurants

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Good article Jimi - too bad they don't deliver cross-country! I like the footnote about the outdoor restrooms and the bears - a scary combination indeed smiley - smiley

The last paragraph is the only thing I'm not sure about....it reads like a commercial, and even if it makes it past the editors, I don't know that you need it. Especially if it is the only restaurant in town!

A certain lack of chain restaurants

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Jimi X

I left it in so people wouldn't think I was trying to hog it all to myself! smiley - winkeye

And besides, a certain Sub-ed I know left in the phone number and address of a pizza shop Peta visited over the summer with her family. And TPTB allowed that to go in. It's sort of a grey area, and THEY can take it out. But I've been eating there since I was 3 and figured they could get a plug for all the pasta and sauce I've consumed.

They *do* allow you to buy jars of sauce now. We bought six to last us until the spring!

- X

A certain lack of chain restaurants

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Good enough for me!

Incidentally, your forum posts are usually the first thing I see in the morning when I fire up h2g2 at work.......I mean, they would be *if* I fired up h2g2 at work........*wink*

A certain lack of chain restaurants

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Jimi X

It's got to be a time zone thing...

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