The Post Christmas Poetry Competition 2003

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The votes are all in, they have been counted, and a winner has emerged. Before announcing the result, I would just like to say a big thank you to all those who entered this year. The standard as usual was very high, which made the voting extremely tough, so thanks to all those who voted as well.

So without further ado, the winner of the 2003 Post Christmas Poetry Competition is ~roll of drums~

The Nativity Play By Lucky Star

Well done Lucky Star, a well deserved win. You were voted the best by your peers. Congratulations!!!

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The Nativity Play

The chattering audience suddenly hushed

A child had appeared on the stage

A hand from the wings then reached out and pushed

Into this angel's hands a page

The Mummies and Daddies all smiled with delight

To see their young offspring perform

They'd even missed watching Eastenders that night

And braved the December snowstorm

Young Johnny was first - but alas and alack

He couldn't remember his line

The voice of his teacher was heard from the back

'The Nativity! Told by class 9!'

Two shepherds appeared in their striped dressing-gowns

With tea-towels wrapped round their heads

Fred was up first, his face in a frown

He took one step forward and said:

'We followed the star that shone in the West'

Classmate Bobby hissed 'East!', and nudged Fred

Who gulped and then blushed, but gave it his best

Saying 'The star shines o'er Jesus' bed'

A cardboard box stable was brought on by Jack

He'd just finished painting the door

He tried to be quiet, but still came a crack

As he tiptoed across the floor

Fred and Bobby still stood there, pointing aloft

But the glittering star didn't drop

They looked at each other, then looked for the Prof.

Switching arms so the numbness would stop

Little Tiffany's playing Mary's role

She's loving her moment of fame

She waves to her mother in her mink stole

And tosses her golden mane

'Here's baby Jesus!' she states oh so clearly

Those voice-speaking lessons paid off!

She holds by one leg the doll that's used yearly

The shepherds both begin to cough

Now Mary gets angry - they're not taking her

as a serious actress it seems

She swings baby Jesus so fast it's a blur

And whacks poor Fred's nose - he screams!

The blood drips on Fred's towelling robe as he sneezes

Revenge is what Bobby is after

He lunges for Mary, and grabs round her knee's

They collapse to the audience's laughter

This sudden commotion's not good for the stable

It starts to lean forward and teeters

And though Jack tries to save it, he's sadly unable

It falls on the 5 little critters

The parents all stand amidst the noise and the racket

The teachers are taking great pains

To get Tiffany, Bobby, Fred, Johnny and Jack out

From under the stable's remains

'Over mince pies and coffee the parents agree

what a great play they'd seen in the hall

and down from the gantry the bright star they see

casting its light o'er them all'

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