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Police Squad!

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Al Johnston

"My name is Sergeant Frank Drebbin, Detective Lieutenant, Police Squad."

They only made six episodes of this classic, before taking it to the movies as "The Naked Gun" but it was brilliant.

Running gags included:

A famous guest star who was assassinated during the title sequence of each episode and took no further part in the story;

Al, who was so tall his head never appeared below the top of the screen;

The forensic scientist's bizarre experiments on children and their pets;

"Cigarette?" - "Yes, it is.";

The end of show "freeze frame" where (almost) everyone froze in place for no readily apparent reason.

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Police Squad!

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

I thought it was twelve episodes, but, yes, they are brilliant. And Ira Newborn's theme music is just *so* funky.

Police Squad!

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Al Johnston

Hmm might have been, they all fitted onto two VHS tapes anyway.

I particularly liked the smug look on William Shatner's face at having dodged the bullets, just as he drank the poisoned wine.

And how could I forget "What's the word on the street, Johnny?" followed by the shoe-shine guy providing all the necessary information to solve the case (and then advising the celebrity who was next in line after Frank.)

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Police Squad!

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Northern Boy (lost somewhere in the great rhubarb triangle) <master of Freudian typos> Man or Badger?

Al you've got something in the corner of your mouth

'scratch scratch'

No the other side

Clunk (half a banana drops to the floor)

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Police Squad!

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Al Johnston

"Is this some kind of bust?"

"Yes, it's very impressive."

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Police Squad!

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Let us not forget the magnificent running title shot, from a viewpoint just behind the rotating emergency light.

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