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Ruby Nemesis (or, the Fortieth Anniversary Dr Who Quiz)

As everyone's favourite bicardial chronoclast celebrates forty years of time travel and good-natured chauvinism, I thought it would be fun if we had a small quiz to see who knows what about the good Doctor. There are forty questions, appropriately enough, ranging from the very easy to the monstrously hard, and they cover all brands of Doctor Who - TV, books, films, radio, CDs, the lot!

Myrka-level Questions (Easy)

1. What do the letters in TARDIS stand for?

2. What is the home planet of the Daleks?

3. What caused the fourth Doctor to regenerate?

4. How many different K9 robots were there?

5. How did the third Doctor become trapped on Earth in the late 20th century?

6. Which arch-enemy debuted in the first Doctor's final adventure?

7. Who played Doctor Who on the big screen?

8. What weather-resistant item was the seventh Doctor seldom without?

9. With which organ is the Doctor doubly endowed? (Steady now.)

10. Who wrote the greatest number of TV novelisations?

Auton-level Questions (Average)

11. Which of the Doctor's companions came from another universe?

12. What is the full name of the Brigadier? (Character, not actor.)

13. Which dedicated performer played Ian on the big screen?

14. In which year did we first see a Dalek climbing stairs?

15. Which is the only TV episode not to feature the Doctor at all?

16. Who is the only actor to play the Doctor after having previously appeared in the series in another role?

17. What do the adventures Curse of the Daleks, Seven Keys to Doomsday and The Ultimate Adventure have in common?

18. What was the name of the first Big Finish CD story?

19. Who is generally agreed to have been the fourth Time Lord to appear in the series?

20. Which was the first TV story to be novelised?

Sontaran-level Questions (Difficult)

21. The TV story The Androids of Tara is a close pastiche of which classic novel?

22. Which legendary event is explained (each time differently) by the stories The Underwater Menace, The Daemons, and The Time Monster?

23. Who was the first companion created specifically for the novel range?

24. Which TV story (not a spoof) seemed to reveal the existence of eight hitherto-unsuspected new Doctors?

25. In which story did the Doctor meet his second robotic companion?

26. What unlikely profession had Davros, creator of the Daleks, taken up when the Doctor met him on Necros?

27. In which novel was Gallifrey destroyed?

28. Which well-known actor has played villains in two TV stories, one movie, and a CD adventure?

29. Who did the first Doctor visit upon being stricken with toothache?

30. Which actor, now famous as a soap villain, made his TV debut in Resurrection of the Daleks?

Dalek-level Questions (Very Difficult)

31. Which race of alien invaders was led by the evil Zor?

32. In the context of the series, who knitted the Doctor's scarf?

33. What do the following characters have in common: Sara Kingdom, Kari, the second Romana, Liz Shaw, and the Great One of Metebelis Three?

34. Footage from which James Bond film appeared in the TV stories The Enemy of the World and The Daemons?

35. Which recurring villain was revealed by the novels to have the real name Mortimus?

36. Which incarnation of the Doctor was the first to meet Leonardo da Vinci?

37. What are the galactic co-ordinates (from galactic centre, obviously) of Gallifrey?

38. The plots of which two TV stories were recycled in the (non-Doctor Who) book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency?

39. What was the name of the Doctor's ancestral home on his home planet?

40. What was the last sentence to be spoken in the original TV series (not the TV movie)?

Well, when you've got your forty answers just pop them off to the
Post email address
and hopefully Shazz will be able to announce the winner after the Post's pre-Xmas break. Happy anniversary everyone!

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