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My Attempt

Post 1

Josh Clarke - The Auburn Time Lord

Okay, so I tried it and thought I'd post it here smiley - biggrin Here are the questions and answers I have managed to complete. I have left some out in between and left quite a few at the end. I haven't looked anything up.

1. What do the letters in TARDIS stand for?
Time And Relative DImension(s) In Space

2. What is the home planet of the Daleks?

3. What caused the fourth Doctor to regenerate?
A fall from a radar tower?

4. How many different K9 robots were there?
Four (as of 2006)

5. How did the third Doctor become trapped on Earth in the late 20th century?
Exiled by the Time Lords

6. Which arch-enemy debuted in the first Doctor's final adventure?
The Cybermen

8. What weather-resistant item was the seventh Doctor seldom without?
Question Mark Umbrella

9. With which organ is the Doctor doubly endowed? (Steady now.)

10. Who wrote the greatest number of TV novelisations?
Terrance Dicks

11. Which of the Doctor's companions came from another universe?
His granddaughter Susan?

12. What is the full name of the Brigadier? (Character, not actor.)
Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart

13. Which dedicated performer played Ian on the big screen?
Bernard Cribbins?

14. In which year did we first see a Dalek climbing stairs?
Remembrance of the Daleks 1980-something?

15. Which is the only TV episode not to feature the Doctor at all?
The Time Meddler (episode 3?)

16. Who is the only actor to play the Doctor after having previously appeared in the series in another role?
Colin Baker (he played Commander Maxil in a Fifth Doctor story)

19. Who is generally agreed to have been the fourth Time Lord to appear in the series?
The Master (chronologically - the Doctor, the Meddling Monk, the War Chief)

24. Which TV story (not a spoof) seemed to reveal the existence of eight hitherto-unsuspected new Doctors?

30. Which actor, now famous as a soap villain, made his TV debut in Resurrection of the Daleks?
Leslie Grantham

32. In the context of the series, who knitted the Doctor's scarf?
Madame... Don't know smiley - erm

40. What was the last sentence to be spoken in the original TV series (not the TV movie)?
"Come on Ace, we've got work to do."

smiley - tardis

My Attempt

Post 2


This has got a bit trickier to mark since 70+ new episodes have been made since I set the questions.

1, 2. Yup!smiley - smiley

3. Hmmm... a radio telescope. Half point.

4, 6, 8, 9, 10. Yup! smiley - smiley

11. Susan's from Gallifrey, as far as we know...

12. Yup!smiley - smiley

13. Ooh, close... but no.

14. Half point for 198~...

15. Badly phrased question, that should be 'story'... you're right Hartnell's not in that one, but there are lots of individual episodes where the regulars take a holiday in the 60s stories.

16. Yup!

19. See number 11...

24. Noooo... story with a Time Lord villain. Sort of.

30. Yup!

32. Correct as far as it goes, but I can't really give a half-mark for that, I'm afraid. smiley - smiley

40. Yup!

Eleven and a half out of forty! The best score yet. Bravo. smiley - biggrin

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