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The Cultish Court of Kettering

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You are lucky the Venga boys have not managed to cross the pond in their Venga bus, or worse still, their Venga Airlines. They are a truly awful euro-pop act. Fear them, for they will infiltrate your mind, and render your synapeses immobile!

The Cultish Court of Kettering

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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

Then we definately need to couple our hatred toward them with that toward the backstreet boys, who seem to be pretty much the same thing, only American. Tell me, do the Venga boy's just sing, or do they actually attempt to play musical instruments?

The Cultish Court of Kettering

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They don't even sing.

Hail ye blessed of Kettering! I, the Pariah of Pertitude bring ye greetings before the court and also plead not guilty to any accusations that might be levelled at me.

By anyone.


Hat the Venga boys, hate... hate........haaa....

The Cultish Court of Kettering

Post 24

Irving Washington - Gone Writing

Ah, it's good to have someone in the courtroom again, it was getting a bit empty in here. How about the state of Kansas? Can we declare the state of Kansas our enemy? I've got nothing against that state in particular, but if we were to blow it up, I think it would take quite a while before anyone noticed. And also, I don't think I know anyone in Kansas. So can we hate 'em?

An Official Pronouncement (sortof)

Post 25

The Grand High Pomogranate

I hereby make this Official Pronouncement:
I now and forever make null and void my authority to make any Official Pronouncements null and void, including that of my own. Furthurmore, I remove all rights of my own to pronounce an Official Pronouncement--effectively rendering this and any future Pronouncements illegal (excepting past pronouncements, such as the previous sentence).
As Official Pronouncer, it is my duty to make sure that I have no duty, and also to make sure that I'm not the Official Pronouncer.
Official Pronouncement: Please disregard anything I may have said in this message, and do not take any of this to be an Official Pronouncement, especially this sentence.

Semi-Official Pronouncer


An Official Pronouncement (sortof)

Post 26


Fred, you are indeed a quirksome quandry of a Kumquat quaffer. But I bid thee now to announce to your fellow knights the gathering of
"The Legendary Journeys of The Knights of Kettering! http://www.h2g2.com/A203752

May the tales of the struggles of our forefathers be the sweet fruit on which we feast before the battles of tomorrow.

An Official Pronouncement (sortof)

Post 27

Irving Washington - Gone Writing

I hereby officially pronounce that I have nothing to pronounce. I'm going to read the Legendary Journeys now.

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