The Caped Confuzzler - Part 9

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The Meeting

After a fitful sleep, Keith and John were woken by a grinning Confuzzlite. The Confuzzlite placed two trays in front of them that looked like they could be breakfast. Keith and John thanked the Confuzzlite as he left. Paul bounced into the room.

'Where have you been?' asked John.

'Hey, you're awake!' exclaimed Paul.

'What are we supposed to do here?' asked Keith.

'Okay, I have been talking to the mayor. We have a meeting to attend. It is an important meeting because we have to explain why we need official help from Confuzzle,' answered Paul.

Keith and John ate their breakfasts while Paul went on to explain a bit more about Confuzzle to them. Then they left for the big meeting. On the way to the meeting, Paul showed them around a bit, including a tour of his home.

The meeting was held in a large, round room. There was a huge crowd of pink fuzzy Confuzzlites in rows of seats around the center table. The room quieted as Paul led his friends to their seats at the table. The Confuzzlite in the shiny tunic greeted them. 'Gentlemen, we would like to hear your reason for being here,' began the Confuzzlite in the shiny tunic.

Paul stood up to make a speech. 'Mayor, we need help. I was sent to Earth to chase a meteor from Confuzzle. While I was there, I discovered that the dark cloud we have only heard stories about is nearer than we ever imagined. There are dark forces at work on Earth. The harshness is getting ever nearer to Confuzzle. My friends need your help in their mission to save their home planet.'

The mayor then turned to Keith and said, 'Tell me of your plan.'

'My plan?' stammered Keith as he caught the look on Paul's face out the corner of his eye. 'Yes, my plan... um, I have this dust that makes people forget stuff. Kind of confuzzles them and makes them feel all fuzzy inside.'

'Tell us more about this dust,' said the mayor, while intently watching Keith.

Keith felt incredibly nervous as he removed a container of confuzzlement dust from his pocket and offered it to the mayor. 'It started as a chemistry experiment gone wrong. Since then, I've made different varieties. It takes just a bit of dust to have a temporary effect on most people. I suppose if we dusted them more thoroughly, it might have a stronger effect,' elaborated Keith.

'Okay, let's do it!' shouted the mayor. The crowd broke into applause, a conga line and general mayhem all at once.

'Do what?' whispered Keith to Paul.

'Make more confuzzlement dust, of course,' answered Paul.

That afternoon, the mayor summoned them to his office. The young men were shown to the new confuzzlement dust manufacturing facility.

'Do you have any suggestions as to how to widely distribute this?' asked the mayor.

'Crop dusters?' suggested John.

'Maybe we could make it into something else? A dusting powder, perhaps?' asked Paul.

'Oh, now that's clever. We can make people feel all fuzzy, take the harshness off the planet and make a profit, too,' said Keith with a grin.

Full production of the confuzzlement dust body-care line began the next day.

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