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Usually religious types of the Christian persuasion, who became famous for travelling to 'untamed' countries like Africa and America, and imposing their belief systems on the natives in the firm belief that this would make them better people.

The idea was to spread the 'Good Word', and to reach those who were 'Lost to Christ', building them up in the most holy faith through discipleship ministries, and organising them into vibrant, reproducing local churches. The job, however, did come with some serious side affects, such as Malaria, Being Eaten by Lions, and Being Boiled Alive, though often these were simply the innate reactions of people who were quite happy with the God they had, and did not particularly want to be 'Born Again'.

Missionaries were at their most popular in the time of the Colonials, when there were more lands to be taken over, mainly by the Dutch and English, who automatically brought their gods with them and denounced the existing ones in each country as false idols.

They were most renowned for their straight-laced attitudes. In fact the most adventurous thing they ever achieved was the invention of a sexual position now known as the Missionary Position.

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