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As many of you know, I've been spending the summer in the Ozarks puttering in my veg plot. I naturally expected to find Alabaster House in the condition in which I left it upon my return. Well...

It appears that the Vice President's sheep were given free reign of the place. This might have worked out all right if the VP had been paying attention to them, but he is busy elsewhere. I'm afraid the sheep were left to fend on their own.

Alabaster House is a mess. Totally unlivable. The grounds are worse. I have decided to close the house until it can be thoroughly cleaned and redecorated. I simply can't entertain guests there with it like it is. As a temporary measure, I'm moving my office and living quarters into the old Circle compound. I'm taking the sheep with me, by the way. It isn't their fault. Sheep will behave like sheep, won't they? They will get good care there.

The compound is a bit dusty, but is in good condition in spite of being neglected for so long. It will be swept out and in tip-top shape again soon. Everything should be set up by the next edition of The Post. I'll give you the direct link to my office then. In the meantime, if there is an issue you need to discuss with me or a member of my staff, you can leave a message in the Rec Room.

I hope to be back in Alabaster House in time for this year's Country Christmas party. Last year's was such a hit that I thought I'd try it again. But you know how hard it is to get good help these days, so I'm not setting myself an actual completion date.

In other news, I hope lots of you have made plans to attend the first-ever Autumn London Meet on 21 October. You can find the details here. Meets are a great opportunity to spend time with your online friends in a safe, fun environment. As your President, I regret not being able to attend. But I do plan to be on hand for the London Meet next spring, providing I don't have an emergency that requires the use of my vacation fund between now and then, of course. Don't you just hate 'providings'? I will spend this 21 October being all jealous and out of sorts.

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