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 H2G2 Storytime 3!!!

We realise this is a terrible intrusion through the third wall of reality and normally authors don't make direct appeals to the audience, unless they are trying to be trendy and post-modern. Happily, we are neither trendy nor are we post-modern, but we are however, frightfully concerned that what follows might be confusing unless we take a moment to explain our intentions.

In order to spare you any confusion, you should know that h2g2 Storytime 3 was conceived to run chronologically alongside it's prececessor h2g2 Storytime 2.
In Storytime 2, Rasputin is a renegade soul who escaped from Hell, and Satan is anxious to see he gets put back there ASAP, not least because Satan, being so thoroughly evil, likes to use abbreviations like A.S.A.P in general conversation.

However this is not easy as it may seem. Rasputin is significantly more powerful now in death than he ever was in life. For example, his legendary control over Tsar Nicholas II's house, here gets a demonic boost, and Rasputin has the power of manipulating people by thought alone.

People under this direct control of Rasputin appear dead, hence we describe them as zombies, but rather think of them as independent agents slavishly in hock to their mental puppet-master Rasputin.

Rasputin's mind control and his zombified agents get a greater outing in h2g2 Storytime 3 than in the preceeding story wherein the idea first appeared, so it's worth pointing out before all this wanton demonic possession starts getting seriously out of hand.

If you want to get a complete picture of events we suggest you familiarise yourself with the what happened of Storytime 2 and you will find the relevant chapters are linked to at the bottom of this page.

Clive the flying Ostrich ,
smiley - space Mr legion ,
smiley - space HPB &smiley - space Terran Chapter 14smiley - space -smiley - space In which we learn of the Sentinal role of the 100,000 Committee and of Rasputin's power of mind control; and also bear witness as Alan Titchmarsh becomes an Agent of Satan.
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