Crawl Rusholme After Pints (Pack Extra Rolls)

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( Triple Ply - Not BBCi )

Toilet paper

Curry, Beer & Bog Rolls!

Crawl Rusholme After Pints (Pack Extra Rolls) Yes folks, it happened again - that warming winter delight... the return of the Curry Crawl along Manchester's curry mile in Rusholm. Lots of and curry was be consumed & many assorted and extraordinarily creative bog rolls brought along.

Bring a bog roll... make sure it's a full one!

Pleasing on the eye... pleasing on the bum

A toilet with the lid shutting

We secured a truly inspirational prize, for whomever was in possession of the most impressive bog roll. Points were awarded for pattern, ply, and plushness1. Congratulations to Granny Weatherwax who claimed a fantastic "Arse/Face" Towel

What, Where and When

To ensure U14977 had a really C.R.A.P. birthday, we decided to opt for Saturday 31st January 2004.

Daytime Entertainment - Imax again (not Bowling)!

Why not bowling?

Cos they wanted me to pay full whack before we set foot in the place, was never gonna happen!

So Looks like we're back to spending some of the afternoon at the Manchester Imax in the Printworks,2 to see "Alien Adventure" smiley - aliensmile(Screening at 4:10pm).

Admission prices are as follows:

Adults - £5.50

Children/Students/Seniors - £3.50

Evening's Events

The Curry Mile, Rusholme

To Kick us off, we thought we'd go to the Waterhouse3 We expected to be back there for about, or just after 5pm. The Pub's on the corner of Princess St. & Cooper St.4, A Wetherspoons with big tables, decent beer and no loud unsociable music playing, before we head on over to Rusholme.

After the Waterhouse we'll be heading over to The Whitworth Arms5, on the corner of Wilmslow Road & Moss Lane East6 at 7pm.

We booked in at the Royal Naz for 8pm. They boast an award winning menu, including a good vegetarian selection, and a spacious restaurant which welcomes large groups7.


Fords kept a log of the days events, read it here

Photos are incoming: Pics from Croz & Randall are available at present.

Who's coming?

Still got questions? Mail us

1Disintegration denotes disqualification!2Except we decided to stay in the pub instead3We'll be booking the Water Closet4Cooper Street is the next street to the left of Mosley St. on the map (I think)5The Whitworth was shut so we went to The Clarence 6Opposite Whitworth Park7We recommend you pay cash rather than with plastic

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