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Personal Space Button probs. HELP!!

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I have tried all the links, FAQs, Bugs, etc. and can't find where to ask this question - Help please?!

My Space U536740 Can't Edit this page any more. It has no Edit Page button but an Add to Friends. That button adds friends to my OLD page not this one!

If I click My Space on the orange and yellow bar it takes me to:

My old Space U520304 when I first joined h2g2. This allows me to Edit Page but only this one!!

Messages appear on both Spaces.

I don't know HOW I have two Spaces, and I don't want U520304.

This only appears to have happened after I had to sign in anew for the NEW BBC Science and Nature pages. It seems to have screwed things up a bit.

Can you help please?

Websailorsmiley - dragon

Personal Space Button probs. HELP!!

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

It's because you've logged in on your other space. If you're logged in on one space you can't edit the other.

Drop us a line at h2g2.supportATbbcDOTcoDOTuk (with the capitalised words replaced by punctuation) and we'll look into it for you.

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Personal Space Button probs. HELP!!

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