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hmmmmmmm what can I say as a life long (well from about 12 years of age... wasn't actually born with them!)possessor of large breasts the very worse thing is men talk to them and ignore me!


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You're right on that one, I've experience it myself. Any other tidbits to share?

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Kat - From H2G2

Horizontal stripes should never be worn? Neither should anything with a very low neckline unless you're wearing an exciting bra...otherwise it looks a bit old oddly.

Erm...if you go to Asia then EVERYONE stares at your chest because it's so unusual to see anyone with a large bust.

Sorry all of this is only from observation and being on the recieving end (smiley - erm now that looks strange) of large breasts.


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BTW - complete noobie so if something I say could have been better said in some other way let me know!

I thought you might like some thoughts on the architecture of the bra for the large breast - I used to be a fitting specialist in a Australian chain of stores called Bras'n'Things. In addition, I have been 'large breasted' since I was about 11 years old.

If you are above a certain size the architecture of the bra becomes the focus for the designer, rather than the look (at least in Australia). As such, you end up with minimal lace and decoration if any, a limited range of colours and a tendency to look practical rather than sexy. In addition the elastic tends to be firm and any boning or wiring quite rigid. Of course, to some degree this is necessary - thin shoulder straps with heavy breasts leads to sore shoulders for a start, and a lack of reinforcement in the lower part of the cup often creates bounce and/or sag. I would often get large breasted women in the store asking for a 'push up bra' when in fact all they really wanted was a bra with some decent support and shape that wasn't painful to wear for 8 hours.

On the topic of shape, it is interesting to note that bras for larger breasts come in either the 'squish together' or 'separate really wide' varieties, with the latter being more prevalent (at a guess). The Madonna-style 'rocket' or 'bullet' shape is rarely if ever seen.

My most amusing find recently was a bra with oil-filled shoulder straps to create greater cushioning for the shoulder.

The downward glance

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What really amuses me is the range of responses from men. It goes from the "something is preventing me from moving my eyes above your collarbone" to the "quick, now we have finished talking I can sneak a peek".

The downward glance

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I've found women to be worse than men when it comes to staring. The guys generally know better than to outright stare, likely been told off in the past, but women don't seem to know better. Maybe they're trying to decide if they're real? I do find that regardless of how conservatively I'm dressed, (and I'm a very conservative dresser most of the time), there are some women who will treat me as though I'm a floozy just because I'm "generously endowed".

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