Things to Know About Large Breasts

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Large breasts are one of those subjects everyone seems to have an opinion on. There are women who have them, and would give almost anything to not. There are women who want them, and are willing to go through expensive and painful surgery to get there. And then there are those who are so intently curious as to whether they are real or not, that they feel it's appropriate to ask a complete stranger.

And that's without even mentioning the men - some of whom find them stimulating, some whom find them repulsive, and some who seem to believe that any woman with large breasts is always 'open for business'.

When it comes down to it, large breasts offer up some unique issues. Here, then, are some tips - while these are intended for the owner, they may well be useful to the connoisseur as well.


Large breasts are, by definition, large. However, a breast that looks large on one body will not necessarily look large on another - proportion plays an important role here. Breasts in general come in many different shapes, and the distinctions between these shapes can become more obvious as size increases - not surprisingly, sagging, drooping, and asymmetry are more noticeable on large breasts than on smaller ones. Large breasts are also often accompanied by significantly larger areolas, stretch marks, and noticeable veins.

The Impact of Large Breasts on Body Image

Clothing Design and Selection for the Woman with Large Breasts


Hygiene and Skin Care for Large Breasts

Exercising with Large Breasts

Cancer of the Large Breast

There is no evidence that women with large breasts are more likely than others to develop breast cancer. However, among women who do have breast cancer, those with large breasts tend to have a larger tumor at first diagnosis those with average-sized breasts. Because increased breast size can make it more difficult to detect lumps through both manual exams and mammography, women with larger breasts may go for longer before the cancer is detected. At least one medical study has shown that breast reduction surgeries in large-breasted women were associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer later in life.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Tips for Breastfeeding from Large Breasts

Some of the usual tips and tricks for breastfeeding need to be modified a bit for women who have large breasts.

While it is incredibly rare, it is possible for an infant to be suffocated by the breast during breastfeeding1. Doctors have reported that the risks appear to be greater with large breasts, especially if a sling is used for breastfeeding - the combination of the breast size and the sling position can make it difficult for the mother to observe the infant while breastfeeding.

Sexuality and the Large-Breasted Woman

The Real World

Jobs for Large Breasts and Their Women

Famously Large Breasts

1For more detailed information, see "Delayed infant death following catastrophic deterioration during breast-feeding" in Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2005, 41(3):215 by Henry Krous, Amy Chadwick and Christina Stanley.

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