A Much Deserved Shrine to the Pink Elephants

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An elephant-shaped building
A shrine to the pink elepants

The elephants are elusive creatures. They appear when you least expect them.

Sometimes the elephants come wearing tutus and please us by performing the can-can, whilst singing 'God Save the Queen'. When they do this, it is done so as to slow down our internet connections.

Sometimes the elephants come to parties, where they make much noise and upset the entertainers by insisting on persuing a romantic relationship with them. When they arrive at parties, they choose to appear unto us as giant, sacred origami elephants, divinely crafted from newspaper.

Those who are confronted by the pink elephants have much honour.

This is a small tribute to these fantastical creatures, who bring us so much joy.

Acts of worship to the elephants may be posted below.

Pink be with you.

The Temple of Existentialism

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