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... and now ladies, gentlemen and others, please put your hands, paws, fins, goinks1 together for another Through the Doughnut Hole!!!!

smiley - musicalnote Mmm... I love doughnuts, with their little circly hole...smiley - musicalnote
smiley - musicalnote I get icing around my eye when I look Through the Doughnut Hole! smiley - musicalnote2

Turn Right Here

Welcome one and all to the most popular show since the last popular show was screened, and let me begin by giving a big thank you to Deus Ex Machina who wrote the lyrics to this weeks show. You may or may not take notice of the introduction to the Doughnut Hole, but I think it is time to give a small pat on the collective back to all those who labour tirelessly to bring you
uniqueness to the start of each show. Well done to you all.

This week is one of the biggest shows since we started the summer season, so with so much to pack into such a short time, let me remind you of last week’s question, which was: What is your favourite type of comfort food?


Before you cry out in anger that this show is a repeat of last week let me assure you that you are wrong. My first guest just happens to have been my first guest last week, and he so enjoyed our company that he decided to join us once more, it is of course non other than the
man who started it all3 Archangel Dr Justin who said
this conversation.

'Ice cream.

Probably one of the most popular comfort foods there is. I'm not going to tie myself down to
any specific flavour - but anything chocolaty is a definite bonus.

Hmmm... has anyone made ice cream-filled doughnuts?'

Hmmmm... doughnuts.... chocolaty doughnuts... chocolaty ice-cream doughnuts...

'Whoops... Blotto bring me a towel4, I seem to
have made a mess of myself again!!!'

Maybe not a good idea to mention such things in the future when I am trying to work. I
have made a dreadful mess of my keyboard now.


My second guest this week is someone who it seems is not just a favourite of yours and
mine, but also holds a special place in my Personal Assistant Blotto's Itinerary. A scary
thought I am sure you all agree, but not for this lovely young lady, I speak of none other

Pinwheel Pearl who in this conversation said...

'My favourite comfort food is lentil and bacon soup. It is warm, colourful
and delicious, my Mum makes it for me in winter time to cheer me up.'

Sounds wonderful, and of course it is made all the more special in that it is your Mum that

makes it for you with love. Blotto informs me that he would really like you to prepare him
some soup one day, just like your Mum makes.


My third guest this week is crazy like a fox, sweet as a half chewed toffee and has ears
like flowers, cauliflowers. He is a show stalwart it is of course Jodan in this conversation

'Lambchops. They're light and don't ooze blood like red meat smiley - yuk. smiley - blacksheep may not like it, but I'm starting to get sick

of him following me around...'

Comfort food not for the faint hearted. I find it hard to fit the phrase 'don't ooze blood

like red meat', into anything to do with feeling warm and cheerful inside. But each to their
own of course, if lamb chops cheers you up, who am I to tell you any different?


My fourth guest this week is proving to show an uncanny resemblance to a well known
feline personage not a million miles away from here. It has yet to be proven that he is short,
round, orange and black in colour and have a witty, yet charming personality that makes
everyone who meets him fall under his spell. Please welcome yet again, the not backwards in
coming forwards Deus Ex Machina who in same conversation said...

'My comfort food? The almighty...
smiley - donut DOUGHNUT smiley - donut!!!

Anytime I feel bad about the world, or how I'm not really doing anything with my life, I go
downtown on the bus to the bakery and get a dozen donuts, and I'm good for the

A marvellous choice that I just have to agree with... there is nothing wrong in buying
doughnuts, and especially purchasing them as your very own comfort food... as long as I am
the one doing the eating!!!


My fifth guest this week once ate three dozen hard boiled eggs in one sitting, and became
the '1902 Egg Eating Champion of the World'. It was a hard act to follow, and he spent
many, many restless nights pacing to and fro whilst his stomach grumbled like an F1 car
waiting for the green light. What more need I say, it is of course Marjin in this conversation

'As usual there is not a single specialty I like to have feeling sad, maybe I
am not often enough sad to know. smiley - smiley

Maybe the best food is setting your mind on something comforting, like a dive into H2G2.
Accompanied by a box of Mercysmiley - choc of coursesmiley - biggrin '

The perfect food of course, humble to look at... mouth watering to smell... and heavenly
to taste. Was it not Pluto5 who said, 'Chocolate, the food of the Gods.'


My sixth guest (I said it was a jam packed show) this week is someone we haven't seen
before on the show. So I am delighted to introduce to you all, the talented, delightful, self
assured and gymnastic Farrago in this conversation

'Well first I'll be really original (Or something like that) and say
chocolate. Doesn't it have some chemical in that causes mild euphoria? Or is that just me? I
particularly like putting a lump of chocolate in a cappuccino because then you have the lovely

warmth of the cappuccino and when that's over there is a load of lovely, gooey, melty
chocolate in the bottom of the cup.

I also really like butter spread really thinly on white toast. Sometimes with marmite on top
as well.

*Gets her smiley - spork out in preparation*'

Ah, another vote for chocolate, and also giving us a great idea of how to make it even more

special. Buttered toast is wonderful as well, not sure about the marmite, I quite like toast
spread with jam. That is if I have any spare from the doughnut I am eating at that

Straight On Til Midnight

It's always good solving those little problems that perplex us isn't it, makes you feel
better and that all is right with the world. That is until you think up an entirely new
question to perplex yourself with, and the idea of having to think up a question to perplex
yourself with is perplexing in itself. So to save you the bother I shall come up with a new
question for you to solve, or deliberate over and maybe another article just like this one but
with different words will spring forth from The Post and onto your computer screens.

So today's question is... roll of drums...

You have been ship-wrecked on a deserted desert island. One packing crate has washed up with you. What would you most like to find inside?

So what is inside? Tell us all in a conversation below. As before I will use whatever facts, information or silliness in a future Doughnut Hole.

Of course you can also enter into any of the conversations featured on this page.

Here you are

So that's it for this week, Blotto it might be a little squashed in the Green Room as we seem to have a rather nice lot of guests
this week. If they won't all fit, get that giant shoe horn and see if that helps any. See you
all next time, same Post article, same post channel!!!

This weeks article is brought to by The Post and a large green man with an angry look on
his face.

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Through the Doughnut Hole


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1I am not going to ask, maybe you should...2Music by Morose Gibb, Lyrics by Vogon Deus Ex Machina 3Precisely what he started and with whom are closely guarded secrets known only to a few chipmunks living in a tree close to a river in a land far,
far away.
4The Doughnut Hole Towel is available for

you to purchase at all horrendously over priced Towel Shops.
5Or should that be Plato... can never remember which
one is the Disney dog.

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