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Inference and Interference

The New New blob

The joys of dealing with rabid thrill-seekers.

Every business and office has a few of them.

Confident little swots who can do everything...except change a ribbon, change their oil, change their fashion sense and change their own diaper...

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some supremely confident people who deserve to be. They have the scars, the oil stains and the diplomas to prove it.

It's the WANNABES that get me, every time.

Now, I've wanted to be a wannabe several times, but I've always had to roam away from the herd and ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING about the subject that I wanted to be associated with.

Now, I know that some people just shrug and look upon these retroactive abortions as prime fodder for the Darwin award. That could be true, in a limited sense, but what concerns me is that these people are inveterate CONSUMERS of both legitimate gear and wannabe bumpf. They SPEND money! Until they become too injured or die.

Now, it seems to me that the sellers and manufacturers of legitimate gear and wannabe bumpf would want to keep milking these bozos for as long as they can, UNTIL,

it occurs to me that all the injured and dead wannabes are FREE ADVERTISING for the sellers and manufacturers products.

Sounds like the kind of people who would find a way to make a buck off of Russian Roulette...

Don't it?

More reasons to be uncertain of practically everything:

1. 8:57 AM
A call for reason or reasons in three Acts and a blackout.


Bambi Sent me...

12. 8:57 PM
How can you have a graphic image in both film and print?


Des Kempfalumph, CPA to the stars, 40% discount off regular fee if you bring in a rich widow with a 1963 VW Type III Ghia in mint condition and a fatal disease.

21. 8:57 MSP
Fear slides like a knife through the ethereal erstwhileness of besotted intellectual certainty and lace curtained infertility, to coin a phase...


Kick, break, sweep.

178. 8:57 AK
The last Santa on the left, second button down, twist to the right three times and enter.

Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

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