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MMF - Keeper of Mustelids, with added P.M.A., is now in a relationship.

I am unsure if this is the right place to post but, as I have been offsite for a while I'll go for it:

It has not been the greatest year for me, but 2009 WILL be!

And there are a number of reasons for that, but the greatest is the Friendship of my H2G2 family and friends, of whom I cannot be away from for too long, despite trying, even when that ghastly Canis Niger smiley - fullmoon is around... Sherlock had nothing to contend with, working on that soppy 'Hound of the Baskerville' lapdog. smiley - groan

On the past I shall not dwell,
As some of it was dire and hell,
But I enjoyed the Meets, I must say...
With Hootooers attending, 'Bright' smiley - eureka and gay!

The Post was fun, new editors too,
And entries writ, and not too few.
In fact the 'call to arms' was so strong,
The PR list was way too long.

But soft, I hear there's a special day!!!
Why! Lo! A Meet on the ninth of May... smiley - yikes
Shows we're better than that site, W*k*i!
We really make it look quite sicky! (sic)

So here's my wish to each of you,
That next year has a brighter hue!
Health and Wealth, and Friendship too...
Where else but here, on HOOTOO!

Happy New year to each and every one of you!!!

smiley - hugsmiley - lovesmiley - zensmiley - smileysmiley - peacedovesmiley - smooch

Oh! And smiley - alesmiley - stoutsmiley - cidersmiley - redwine for the boys! smiley - blush


smiley - musicalnote

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