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Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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Not even a mothers love could protect him from this!

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Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

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Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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Hmm... poor Eustace indeed.

Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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I should think a mother's (misguided) love probably contributed to all this; I suspect Eustace will avail himself of the entrepeneurial opportunities of the penal system as soon as possible & emerge a new man.

I wish him every success.

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Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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Uncle Lucy! The cad! The bounder! The blaggart!
I'm impressed.

Perhaps we should smuggle in a copy of 'The Shawhank Redemption' for Eustace - may help him escape. A poster of Rita Hayworth would help too.

And Mr spim - nice change in format. Like it like it. smiley - smiley

Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

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I have to ask.
Is this news clipping a legitimate or reasonable facsimile of true events - something in the area of 'found art' upon which you have based all the previous cartoons as 'background' and 'backstory'?

I have to admit I have been following the tale with some squirmish apprehension as it walked that fine line between real life memories of 'aunties and uncles' and the seemier side of life. Now it all seems to have been a series of preview 'glimpses' behind the headlines which have finally been revealed. The story behind the story before we see the story.

Whatever it is - (Who can define 'art'?) - it has been spell binding and has caused me to think. What more could a fan ask? Besides confirmation or denial of my speculations smiley - winkeye.

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Poor, poor Eustace :-(

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