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Mr. Legion

I think he's right about flogging it to the Beeb, Clive. Let's be millionaire scumbag producers! smiley - cool Or at least try to get Peter Jackson interested in a script...smiley - bigeyes

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Yeah with Peter Jackson you can make six series... then one of you will get sick of it meaning the other will work alone with writing teams. After two more series, you'll finally get the chance for a movie....

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Mr. Legion

Did I mention that I've written a five-volume mythology of the Storytime universe? All the way from it's creation in the prehistoric mists by the one known variously as Illuvatar, Gilthoniel and Knifee, to the present day. I call it The Storytimemarillion.

smiley - erm Alright, names aren't my strong point. But if you want to know who Bob's great-great-great-grand-uncle was, I'm your man!

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