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Ready, Aim, Fire!

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Oh the poor people on the other side of my office!

My own technique a little like the one desicribed ends up looking like you are 5 years old and using your fingers as a gun. I tend to avoid saying Ratta-tat-tat when firing them now though.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

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*evil cackle*

I've used the same method, but now there's another one to try.

The target practice ideas are quite good-- and will save my little sister some pain.
smiley - evilgrin

Ready, Aim, Fire!

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lol, i use the gun 1 too, but im not too good at it, so after a few tries, i usually end up doin the thumb technique and humiliating my self every time i misssmiley - tongueout
You know wut people should do? they should have like huge rubberband warssmiley - bruised...or do they? anyways, kinda like a paintball thing or sumthin.....

bubbles_unpoppedsmiley - magicsmiley - bubbly

the downunder method

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For accuracy, distance and ease! Touch the tips of you thumbs together [note: this is for righthanded people], slip your right thumb above the left so that the nails are touching but the thumbs point in opposite directions. The lacka band [elastic band] should be looped around both thumbs. Raise the right thumb to gain tension in the band then lower the thumb while maintaining tension so that the thumb is now vertical and pointed at the target. In the process of doing this the left thumb has also become vertical and the band is now stretched over the left forefinger while still restrained by the left thumb.

Pointing right thumb at the target, stretch right arm out to max [of course], line up length of stretched band towards target and, when ready, incline the left thumb at the first joint ever so slightly and the band will fly directly to within 1nm of target.

Please note: this is for professionals only so be advised that only good quality bands with even elasticity made to ASTM 7-4813-89 standards should be used. With 30 min. practise every day, fire rates of 3 bands/sec can be easily achieved and accuracy to 0.5nm at 15m range expected.


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