A Conversation for Islam - an Introduction


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Greta_9, Keeper of the 4/4 Beat and Deep Sexy Basslines, in a strange condition

It's time religions were reduced to the lowest (highest?) common denominator: love, faith and commmunity. This entry states the basic facts about Islam very clearly.

It would be very interesting to read something about the Qu'ran and the hadith, which I read about a while ago. Apparently, a lot of the misinterpretation and abuse of this otherwise peaceful religion comes from the distortion of hadith material. Does anyone know anything more about this?


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Rik Bailey

Hadith can be distorted due to peoples lack of understanding of whats been said plus that some hadith are stronger than others due to who and how many people witnessed what the Prophet (pbun) said or did.
You have to understand what is being said and in what condition it was said in other wise it can be used to distort people. Even the Quran has this problem. I can roll of 10 ayaats that show Islam to be voilent an when people ask about them I tell them the history, curcumstance and what was said before and after and due to this added info you can see it was talking about defense and not being voilent.

Hope that helps, A bit tired planning war demo on saturday.


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