A Conversation for Dichotomous Lives of Abuse Survivors


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Researcher 231943

I have looked for a way to put how I felt into words, to explain what happened to me and how it left me feeling, a rationale of the forgotten, and I found it in this article. Thank you for posting it. It was right on.


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Researcher 231943

now how do I get over it?


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Researcher U197087

Hi 231943

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you chose today to say this. It's helped me a lot, thank you.

I should invite you now to click on 'Preferences' where you can give yourself a personal monicker. It's usually advisable to make it silly smiley - silly.

Subscription to the group below might help you, if you feel comfortable enough to introduce yourself and say whatever you can about what you've been going through. You'll find there's a great deal of understanding and insight here. smiley - smiley


Good luck and take care,

Krispy smiley - donut


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Researcher U197087

Oh. If you go back to your personal space and find 'Edit Page', you can say something about yourself, and people can post a message - first caller is likely to be an ACE, a friendly doorman figure.

As for 'getting over it', it's rarely so easy smiley - sadface. What is possible is you can get a clearer picture of 'it' and, at your own pace, find ways to come to some sense of personal understanding, which will allow you not only to heal and recover in spite of it, but even at times thanks to it.

Whatever it is, is a part of you and worthy of as much respect all else.

Take care,

smiley - donut

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