A Conversation for Garnish


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Doctor Smith

You're not supposed to eat the garnish? Boy, I sure am glad I read this entry...


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Doug Dastardly

Of course an aquaintance of mine was never content until he'd consumed everything on the table including the menu and the flower arangement.


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Global Village Idiot

A friend of mine used to declare everything on his plate that wasn't meat or chips, "garnish". I think he died of scurvey.


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I think you're right. The garnish is not supposed to be eaten. It's just decoration.


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If all else fails you can always ask the International Guild of Professional Butlers... they have an area of their website just for etiquette questions..



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Lord Job Boron. That's Lord Job Boron To You!

I say, if it is edible, eat it. As a waiter, I personally prefer it when garnish is eaten. It's much easier to clear a table if plates balance neatly on top of each other (as it is impolite to scrape plates at the table).


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If it is on the plate, eat it,as the chef put it there for a reason even the humbel parsley sprig is there to clense the breath after the meal.There is a special term for waiters that scrape plates at the tabel;Unemployed.


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Lord Job Boron. That's Lord Job Boron To You!

Thats why I don't scrape the plates. But what about for example a sprig of rosemary with a lamb shank. You shouldn't eat that.


Post 9

Connie L

I usually make a point to eat the garnish (except those flowers in exotic restaurants), just to make sure it will not be rinced clean and recycled with the next plate...

... what do you mean it is the best reason not to eat it?

smiley - divaC.L.


Post 10

Taff Agent of kaos


steak chips and a visit to the garnish cart

smiley - bat

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