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23 April, 1616: Interesting fact ...

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

It is true that both William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes dies on 23 April, 1616. That was a Saturday for Cervantes, but a Wednesday for Shakespeare.

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The solution is easy: In 1582, Pope Gregor XIII had installed a new calendar (the one we still know as the 'Gregorian Calendar' today) that replaced the old, 'out-of-sync' Julian calendar. All the catholic countries changed their calendars in 1582, whereas England waited until 1752, when the British government cancelled days 3 to 13 from September. People went to bed on 2 September 1752 and got up on 14 September, 1752.

So the death dates of Shakespeare and de Cervantes are in fact 11 days apart (Shakespeare died on Wednesday, 4 May, 1616, according to the Gregorian calendar).


23 April, 1616: Interesting fact ...

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So which date should we remember then? 23rd April (OS) or 23rd April (NS)?

23 April, 1616: Interesting fact ...

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

I would remember 23 April. The coincidence with de Cervantes' death is just too stunning to neglect. And the last glance at his personal calendar would have shown 23 April.

It's just funny to realize that both died on the same date, but not the same day ...

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23 April, 1616: Interesting fact ...

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