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Hello there Whoami! I've got a request.

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

smiley - erm I *really* hope this hasn't been sent to team yet, cos there's something i'd quite like to be chnaged, which i've learnt recently.
- Under the subheader "yes minister" could you add that in some of the series 1 episodes the last line wasn't "yes minister". Perhaps the idea didn't cotton on really til the 2nd series, i don't know!
- Also, in the very first footnote, I say that Frank (Hacker's political adviser) disappears mysteriously after series 1. He doesn't. Hacker appoints him to a quango to oversee and analyse other quangos in order to make them better in the final episode of series 1, "Jobs for the Boys".
smiley - sorry for the late additions, but I've only just got the series 1 DVD! smiley - silly me!

Hello there Whoami! I've got a request.

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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Sorry - I hadn't subscribed to this! No problem - I'll be sure to make these alterations. Don't worry - this hasn't gone back yet because I've been so rushed off my feet with RL w*rk that I've not got around to it. I'll shift it by next Monday, promise.

Whoami? smiley - cake

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