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bubble 'n' squeak

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hey there, this is katje over the puddle... my understanding is that the original version of this delicacy involved potatoes and cabbage, the latter of which "squeaks" during the frying process. this sounds like a nice evolution of the original.

happy chow time!


bubble 'n' squeak

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Jimi X

smiley - cheers katje!

If you liked this one, do check out some of Peta's entries on Cuban cooking - I'm a big fan of 'Papas Rellenas' A283367 and for dessert 'Plantanos Dulce Fritos'A283268

smiley - smiley

- Jimi X

bubble 'n' squeak

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Best bubble 'n' squeak in the world, by the way, is at The Quality Cafe on Morning Lane in Hackney, or it was when I lived there 12 years ago. I wonder if it's still there...

bubble 'n' squeak

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I think most cultures (loosely speaking) have an equivalent. In Sweden it is pytt-i-panna, it is not usually as soggy as the British equivalent but has the same essentials.... recooked vegetable and meat bits. In Sweden, it is usually served with an egg (may be fried or just the raw yolk) and pickled redbeets....mmmmh.

bubble 'n' squeak

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An alternative to this is Champ, a variation from Scotland and Wales I think. Made from potato and substituting spring onion for the cabbage.

bubble 'n' squeak

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I live in Australia and I've always made it with the left over vegies from the Sunday roast just cut up and fried with any other leftovers we have. It's just the meal you make from the left overs of other meals and often tastes better than the original meal... go figure!

bubble 'n' squeak

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Ausnahmsweise, wie üblich (Consistently inconsistent)

Isn't there something missing here?

For breakfast have your eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, black pudding, and fried slice with a dollop of bubble and squeak

Or is something implied by "and fried slice" that I don't understand? A fried slice of what?

P.S. We were just talking about bubble and squeak at lunch today.

fried slice

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I think the fried slice is a slice of bread that has been fried.

fried slice

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Ausnahmsweise, wie üblich (Consistently inconsistent)

Thanks for clarifying that.

I can't believe that I used to eat fried bread, fried tomatoes, etc. when I lived there. They soak up so much fat.



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So, is there a relationship between Bubble and Squeak and that classic of American cheap cookery, hash?


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There could be but perhaps it's best not to ask for hash in a Hackney greasy spoon.


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Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

Fried Slice - definitely fried bread. Should be deep fried, so it's very crisp. Dreadfully unhealthy, but as a rare treat, it's wonderful.

As for bubble and squeak - usually it's a Monday meal for us, using the left overs from the Sunday Roast. And yes, half the time it *does* taste better, possibly as it hasn't taken half the preparation that the preceding roast took!

My dad loves it, but my mum refuses to cook it for some reason. We try to aim to be having it whenever he calls round!

Great article, by the way!smiley - biggrin

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