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Time is affected by gravity

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If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center, 21+4^1+8+9=42

In a Bried History of Time Steven Hawking states that if there are two people of the same age and one went to go on top of a tall mountain and the other stayed at sea level (i am not certain everything that i state after this might be the oposite, i oppologise)the one which stayed at sea level would age faster than the one on the mountain, its actually that the one on the mountain would age slower because time is slower up there because it is further from Earths gravitational pull and if they met each other a few decades later they would be differnt ages and if they both had taken perfect time keeping watches up with them they would be difernt to. Same sort of things happen with close to light speed travel and getting pulled into black holes

i think most of this is correct tell me if you notice anything wrong.

Time is affected by gravity

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

smiley - laugh I've read that book twice - and watched the TV show that was supposed to simplify it all - and I still am not sure that I've grasped it all smiley - biggrin

If you read some of the threads that are attached to the article - you will find lots of interesting ideas.

Time is affected by gravity

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As you get older your mind becomes heavy with life,leaving less space so less time.

Time is affected by gravity

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Time is affected by gravity. In fact time creates gravity. The 3 dimensions of space and the 1 dimension of time collide to form space-time. Distortion creates gravity. Simple.
But what you want to know is that how gravity can turn on it's creator.
For instance say there was a beam of light travelling from a nearby star. It falls into a distortion in space-time. It then spends more time coming out of that distortion. Hence when the light reaches us, it would make the star seem further away than it is.
Although this may seem irrelevant. Remember that light from the sun takes 6-8 minutes to get to us, so whenever we see the sun we are seeing how it was 6-8 minutes ago.
Say one day a massive space-time distortion opened, and the sun's light passed into it. It is so big that it would take 12-14 minutes to get back out, we would see the sun as it was 20-22 minutes, so we will see it further back in time.smiley - ok

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