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Time doesn't exist

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Our belief that time flows is simply a quirk of our nervous system, in that, we can view events as occurring in the order in which they occured. Time, in fact, is not going anywhere or doing anything. That is why time travel is impossible. When you think of a past time or a future time you think of it as a destination which, of course, it is not.

For example, 5 minutes ago you were sitting at your computer. Now say you want to go back to that time. You can't because you haven't travelled anywhere since then. You've remained in the same place, and of couse you can't travel somewhere if that's where you are. Likewise if you want to travel 5 minutes into the future you can't because you're not actually going anywhere.

Then again, if you want to travel 5 minutes into the the future you should probably just learn to wait. It'll do you good.

Time doesn't exist

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Zak T Duck

By the same principle, I'd like to propose that gravity doesn't exist. The universe just sucks. smiley - winkeye

Time doesn't exist

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Maybe time is going somewhere - maybe it's continually disappearing up it's own backside, and that's why it just LOOKS like it's not going anywhere smiley - laugh

Time doesn't exist

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Tempest (Keeper of the Nocturnal Storm) Midnight

Au Contraire.

Time travel is still a definite possibility for time is not in the 3rd dimension, but is rather the fourth. Therefore, if space is lateral, then time is vertical and slices through at every location and 'moment'.

_____|______ (___=Time at computer desk. |= time.)

Time is a destination, one just has to travel in a manner that we usually don't. You have to find a way to go up and down, instead of just side to side.

Time doesn't exist

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

"You have to find a way to go up and down, instead of just side to side."

My biggest problem is that the only place I seem to be going is "round the twist" smiley - winkeye

Time doesn't exist

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Time does exist

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Researcher 193852

Of course time exists, if it hadn't everyting would happend at the same time. Simpel and true.

Time does exist

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Dave DeRock

All that your statement proves is that our recollection/records of previous events, exists.
Our "use" of time is a way of tracking the Earth's rotation & orbit around the sun in a way that allows us to co-ordinate with each other.
Then again time must exist, because I have some on my hands now.

Time does exist

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Well ... as you are simply passing time, could you pass some over here? I never seem to have enough smiley - yikes

Time does exist

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Siletta Weaver, Keeper of exsessively long titles, Eclectic Mystic, Cynic, etc..

HOw do you know that everything isn't hapening simultaneously and we just, incorectly, percieve it as hapening sequencially?

Time does exist

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Dave DeRock

Ok then, how is it that we have to wait for a bus, if everything happens simultaneously, why isn't there always a bus at the bus stop?
Also how can we travel?
If velocity = distance/time & time doesn't exist then neither does speed & distance, as anything multiplied or divided by zero = zero (or division by zero error).

Time does exist

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Siletta Weaver, Keeper of exsessively long titles, Eclectic Mystic, Cynic, etc..

We don't travel, we just decieve ourselves into thinking we do.

Time doesn't exist

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I'm pretty sure one of the consequenses of relativity is that time travel is possible, when traveling at speeds comperable to the speed of light. If someone took a spaceship to a distant star at, say, 99% of the speed of light, it would take them a short time to get to the star, but when the person got back to earth many years would have passed. This person would have then traveled into the future of all the people that stayed on the earth.

Time doesn't exist

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Re Time and Relativity ...

There are a whole lot of my relatives I'd like to put on a spaceship smiley - winkeyesmiley - laugh

Time doesn't exist

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Time doesn't exist

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space-time-matter illusion

it has been for a long time supposed that space is constant and time is the one which is varying…. That is at the same space assumed every one believes that at diiferent times things or happenings or events occurs successively…. The alternative thinking….. assume there is no concept of time …ok ….no present no past and no future … ok everything happened at the same instant …and that which is varying is the space ….. space only…. So time-space-matter diagram reduces to a two dimensional space-matter diagram…everything happened simelteneously at different spaces and the illusion of mind combines these all spaces to a common level and produces an illusion …. Yes the greatest illusion the human history ever trying to answer….. yes , the time…. So now onwards leave the time axis./….ok…all events are instants or stills …. Nothing is moving ….everything in a state of rest from very begning to very end… yes through out the spectrum … I mean the spectrum of virtuality…and nothing is changing ….literally nothing… everything in a stae of ultimate rest…..this u can assumelike dividing a movie in to small fragments of still photos… and so the way it is……and so u got answer to u r every querries ok…..

finally everything at same instant… at different spaces…..

And so I am ready for the second edition

tight u r seat belts…. And hold on firmly… so that u wont suffer much….ok.

in my first edition I speak about the concept of time.. that’s there is nothing termed time …. And it’s the space and matter that exists..

how this possible? I will explain . actually there are a lot of spaces available. Then the qn wat is the term space implies… space is nothing but an instant of the

entire universe…. To make the thing more clear suppose everything u saw , touch and feel stops unconditionally…. That means no movement for anything .. everything in astand still pause…

this instant is one space…. So space contains matter……. Only matter… and more complicated is the case that ther are different such spaces available…. Independent of each other

that means at the same instant there are lot of spaces… it counts to billions and billions…. And it is the concept of simelteneous space…. Otherwise the concept of constant time and

varying ( varying does not mean moving) still spaces…..

and how do we feel like we are living wen there is only some spaces and spaces contains only matter? At this point this is impossible……. But here comes the great saviuor

termed ‘ energy’ ….. at this point for u r convenience I wont define wat is energy ….. our friend energy is in a propogating state… the begning of energy is a very big story… I will explain it in coming editions…..how this energy propagating? Simple answer is that it propagate from one space to another space…. From which space to which space ….????? Yes for that ther is a simple algorithm available…energy propagate from one space to another which has got minimum difference in their OTSC(Overall Three Dimension Structural Coefficient)….. for every space available there is a constant value for OTSC… the by which OTSC can be calculated will also be explained in the coming edition….. so energy propagation makes the feeling that we are living and living in the present…. Past is the one from which energy is coming..and future is the one which energy is going…..although future is existing ( and so the past) as spaces even at this moment it seems like not because enrgy is not there… yes energy is associated with one space at once….

If u can make the difference of OTSC to a reduced value between any two spaces assumed, we can move over to that space… and it make illusion of the time that we are at that time….. and so by this way time travel is also possible….. even if it is very difficult to realize

This calculation , that is finding the probability for minimum OTSC diffrerence between spaces is adopted by the foretellers( I mean jyothisham and such other things)……..is it clear to u…if u have any doubts then don’t hesitate to ask… since doubts are the first step for learning…….

Anyway ENJOY………………………………

Time doesn't exist

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

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