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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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I drink a lot of Earl Grey after being given a free box from a mate who works at a local Tea firm. Didn't like it at first, but after about 50 cups, I became "attuned“ - I wasn't going to waste free tea of any description anyway.

A certain Starship Captain also expresses a preference for this blend, nice to know it'll still be around in the future.

Good article. Have a smiley - tea on me.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Reading this article reminded me of the time when I was doing removals, mostly to RAF Kinloss. We were moving in this officer & his family, it was a scorching hot day and we were gagging for a drink. Then came those smiley - magic words, I say would you chaps like a cup of tea? We were so thirsty we drank it down in one! IT was HORRIBLE! left a taste of burned Indian hemp rope in my mouth for days!smiley - wah Even today I can still taste it when I think of itsmiley - sadface.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Can someone please explains Earl Grey Tea's allure to members of the errr fairer sex ? My S.O. drinks gallons of it at all times of the day and night, straight out of the pot no milk, sugar, honey, lemon or any additives at all. I just don't understand it.

The smell for a start, how can people even get that near their noses, I can just about cope with opening up the little individual sachets for each bag (not proper tea you see it comes in little poncy sachets, not like your good old "English Breakfast Tea" which is hale and hearty enough to mix it with it's fellow bags, no EGT must be cossetted away in sachets) but the smell wafting from the pot, well I'd rather boil my old school rugby socks which I just found in an old Adidas bag circa. 1987. The taste I can't comment on at all, I have never let it past my lips.

Please can someone explain ?

I think I'll stick to Red Label thank you.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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The first time I tried Earl Grey, I thought it tasted like boiled flowers. I didn't drink it again for probably a year and a half. I decided to give it another chance and now prefer it to other teas, except maybe Lady Grey. Now I'm bugged because the "flavor" of the water where I live is interfering with the flavor of the tea. Maybe I need a new kettle.

Anyway, I think for many people who drink Earl Grey, it's an acquired taste. A person doesn't necessarily start out a big fan of its flavor. Although, when you think about it, why would anyone keep trying to like something they didn't like the first time they tried it? Hmmm.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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cCmndhd Deuce, Thingite Conflict Roboticist, 1s Armored Amphibious Cavalry Division,or The Big Wet ONE

Acquired taste?
Maybe to some, but it was the first tea that I ever supped and form that first moment I knew there was no other. Of course, the next moment, I decided to try others, but I digress. The orangey taste is what makes it so good. That is not to say that upon waking, I would rather have EGT than either English or Irish breakfast (respectively) but for that late studying session, two hot litres of EGT are just what the doctor ordered. Now, if you want a taste that takes getting used to, try Lapsang Suchong. In addition to being one of Reg's smiley - tea's, it smells like coal tar and tastes like turpentine. Not that I have ever drunk turpentine, mind you, but you get the point. If, however, you do find a taste for it, as it does leave a sweet afterburn, you can be fully assured that nobody will ever try to steal your drink again. So, in short, I like EGT, so smiley - nahnah
smiley - biggrin
Until I post again,

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Miranda (Make tea! Yes, Cissdur, it's still me)

Lapsang Souchong is cool! Like Deuce, I had Earl Grey for my very first cup of tea, and for a long time tea=EG for me. Now I know better! There's a whole world of different tea experiences out there...smiley - biggrin


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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I have to admit, I love Earl Grey now, and might not have tried it until much later if I hadn't heard Picard order it.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Barneys Bucksaws

I also have to admit to a preference for Earl Grey tea. I don't remember having to acquire a taste for it. My old English Auntie introduced me to it when I was a mere girl. It was the only tea served at Auntie's house.

In Canada most people drink orange pekoe, Red Rose being the best, in my humble opinion, but given the choice, I'd take Earl Grey over anything else, anytime!

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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panda rector

I used to be an EG drinker, but I've switched my allegiance to the Chinese red tea. It's called "Pu-errh" in my neck of the woods and, in truth, the aroma takes a bit of getting used to - two parts not-particularly-hygenic elderly gentleman to one part last week's socks smiley - yuk - but once you, and your pets, have become accustomed it's cracking stuff! smiley - smiley

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Get a water filter even a jug one will help tea flavour no end smiley - smiley

Me, I love Earl Gray, and pre Next Gen smiley - winkeye

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Researcher 221345

I love Earl Grey but does anyone else go off tea (all forms) periodically - if I have about 5 cups a day I feel sick sometimes and have to abstain for about 3 weeks. Red Label is jolly good. I am living in New York and had to bring a huge sack of Red Label (bag of 480 - size of pillow) since decent tea doesn't exist here. Not that it matters because they stick the teabag (usually Lipton, which just manages to colour the water brown but that's about it) INTO the water, which is hot, not boiling...... Lapsang Souchong is horrible - tastes of Northern Line.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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I guess I don't follow. Where are you supposed to put the tea bag if not in the water? You can't buy Bigelow or Twinings or even some of the more "trendy" teas like Tazo? I don't know how things are on the East Coast, but on the West Coast almost all coffee shops sell tea loose or in bags and the bags aren't all Lipton. Call me biased, but I think the West Coast has a better grasp of all things tea and coffee. smiley - winkeye

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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I need to amend that...Within the US, the West Coast has a better grasp of the tea and coffee thing.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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Miranda (Make tea! Yes, Cissdur, it's still me)

Whenever I visit my parents, we have tea about 5 times a day... and yes, I sometimes have to stay away from tea for a couple of days when I get home again - much as I love it!

I agree that Lipton tea bags are awful. Tea bags in general are inferior to loose tea, I think...

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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John M.

I never did like tea very much until someone presented me with a box of Earl Grey green. Being part Scottish as I am, I didn´t want to throw it away so I made my self a hot cup. It´s flavor was fabulous, so I had another cup, then another. Now, I drink four or five cups of Earl Grey green tea every day. I cannot understand how anybody could not love Earl Grey green tea.smiley - smileysmiley - smileysmiley - smiley

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