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Missing space?

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Number Six

I think there probably ought to be a space between 'Pashley' and 'PDQ' at the end of the first section. Other than that, great to see this on the front page!

Missing space?

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You're so right Number Six; It surprised me to see the two links, 'Pashley' and 'PDQ', coming out stuck together, but I never thought of the cure. There you go!

I also seem to have acquired an intrusive semicolon in the 'Feel Funny' paragraph between 'derailleur.)' and 'However'.

(If any Towerful person steps in to correct this, could they also make 'Feel Funny?' a Subheader? Ta.)

Thanks for all your help and encouragement for my first front-pager smiley - stout

Missing space?

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Update -- those links are now defunct, so I've had them removed from the Entry. They are no longer needed anyway, now that we have a photograph smiley - ok

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Missing space?

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