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Loganithan of SSDD

I have never really looked at it that way before. I guess it is true also. Being as I am an American it is no surprise to any of you i am sure that i have never seen this side of the cinema.
Since it has been brought up though I would like to say that well.... your right. With a couple exceptions, such as James Bond and Austin Powers where both main characters (good guys) have british/english accents.
But I am not really stereotypical of that really. It is just ambitious young movie writers who ARE stereotypical. So i am glad you have brought this to my attention, it is very informative.


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Thanks! And, thanks for not taking my missive as an attack of any sort. The article was entertaining, and made valid observations.

The screenwriters also have learned to be playful about both the stereotyping, and the alleged American inability to distinguish English, Irish, Scottish and Australian accents.

If you saw "Men In Tights", you saw the fun they made of Scot Sean Connery playing English King John in the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood by having Englishman Patrick Stewart play King John with a Scottish burr.

Still, where would movies be without stereotyping. If everyone was a fully fleshed out, self-actuated, stable and accepting, unique individualist, there'd probably be no conflict on which to build a story.

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