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Worst Accent in Movie History

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To begin with I'd suggest a couple namely Sean Connery's woeful attempt at an Irish accent in The Untouchables and Julia Roberts equally poor attempt on an Irish accent in Mary Reilly. Over to you now, any more suggestions?

Worst Accent in Movie History

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Anyone American trying to perform an English accent. They all sound like Victorian orphans, but that's probably because of all the films in which Americans with bad English accents have played Victorian orphans. smiley - erm

Worst Accent in Movie History

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Ah, you must be thinking about <./>Dick van Dyke</.> and his notorious performance in Mary Poppins.

I can still remember imported US cartoons where even an 'English butler' character would be issued with a third-rate impression of his 'mockney' accent.

Whether this was an artful attempt to parody van Dyke's efforts or done in all sincerity, so as to meet audience and/or programme buyer expectations, I have no idea. Either way, the practice continued for many years before US programme makers would go to the lengths of hiring actual Brits to do British accents.


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