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All animals in The Simpsons

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All talking animals and birds, especially ones that are edible, in The Simpsons do so with a, probably faux, English accent.

"He's insulting both of us!" - a chicken
"Personally, I think I am overdone" - a roast chicken in a oven
"There! There! Thats the spirit!" - a pig, dressed like a Wodehousian Englishman
"The tasty part is in the rump" - a suckling pig

All animals in The Simpsons

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the Chairmaker

'...a pig, dressed like a Wodehousian Englishman'

The Emperess of Blandings?

All animals in The Simpsons

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Yep smiley - smiley Though Lord Emsworth would probably have a fit if anyone suggested any culinary uses for his beloved Empress ...

All animals in The Simpsons

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Considering that he gets upset when tennis balls are bounced on her... On a vaugely related note, I was advised the other day to eat as much Gloucester Old Spot as possible, so as to keep demand up and thereby increasing supply, meaning that more little Empresses can snuffle along...

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