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And the Race is On!

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Narla C

Thank you so much for this simple and fast paced game. It is a real ice-breaker and I get to be Queen of the Hill when I produce a handful of plastic dinosaurs and a roll of nickles (my currency of choice...too big in size and too small in denomination, nickels are an abomination.) Watching grown people argue over who gets to be the T-Rex is a joy in itself...smiley - cheers

And the Race is On!

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I'm really pleased to hear that someone else gets fun out of this. An alternative to the game is to lay markers (stones, rags, shells etc.)on the lawn/beach/playground and have six competitors moving forward in the same way as the pieces.
You could even organise it for peoplein pairs with one giving the other a Piggy Back if there is a significant crowd. As there is no real skill involved it is just a bit of fun!

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And the Race is On!

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