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This is nuts :-)

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Happy to read it, makes me want to go eat some! And I'm glad to see you remembered Macadamia nuts! I hardly knew them, some years ago, but now I really like them, since my R has brought some from Hawaii now and then.

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This is nuts :-)

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don't cashew nuts have some fear of poisoning if not shelled ?
i eat lots of cashews. i like nuts. they don't like me. have to
watch out how many i eat. don't understand raw peanuts though.
all other nuts great eaten roasted or raw. not peanuts.

why do people use peanuts to express lower value ?
must be a financial/ economic reason because otherwise they are very rich in nutrients. my aunt used to make a little treat for us with peanuts clustered with chocolat. very easy to make.

all you have to do is melt some good quality chocolate 70% minimum cocoa solids. once it's melted stir in as many roasted peanuts as the melted chocolate will acceptwithout being too runny or too dry.

spoon into small or medium paper cases. cool and dry. (not in refriderator) store in a tin if they make it that far. do not feed to people with nut allergy.

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This is nuts :-)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

You can buy peanuts in their shells, and we used to call them monkey nuts when we were children. Has this name fallen into disuse?

This is nuts :-)

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monkey nuts still available in supermarkets but they come in small packs.
by the time you shelled them not much left.

pet shops stock them to feed pets and squirrels. also can try some ethnic supermarkets might sell them in bigger packs.

let us know what you find smiley - smiley and did the monkey follow you home.

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