A Conversation for The Seven Deadly Sins of Electronic Toy Design

Toys that won't leave you alone...

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Moonhogg - Captain Coffee Break

My sister gave my daughter a little plastic dog that that had wheels where it's feet should be. If you pulled it along, it walked in an amusingly wobbly sort of way, and made yapping noises. It was designed to be triggered by switches in the wheels (I know this, as I dismantled it once to check).
My wife was convinced it was haunted, as every so often we would hear a yapping from the toybox. I told her something would have shifted, and triggered it. She wasn't convinced.
Eventually we sat it, on its own, in the middle of the living room. Time passed. Nothing. Then, after about 90 minutes, it started yapping. No trigger, no movement...
One boot sale later, and it's haunting some other kid now...

Toys that won't leave you alone...

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

That is spooky. Because my alternate illustration for this entry was of a toybox in a room, at night, with light emanating from somewhere below the top layer of toys, as something spontaneously came to life. A little too complicated for size constraints, so we went with the simpler picture.

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