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Crack propogation?

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I've never made a hole in ice before, but I would be concerned with causing cracks to propogate throught the ice, making it unsafe to tread. I would be especially concerned if I were using the explosive method, or the loading method.

Crack propogation?

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Ukkeli, Keeper of Article Free English

If your using "normal" methods (drill, ice pick or saw) crack propagation is no problem. You can stand on edge of your brand new hole without fear of falling in.

Holes made with loading are slightly trickier. Their edges can give in within few meters (depends on size of hole, bigger hole=>longer distance) of actual hole. This is because ice was all ready weak before anything fell throw.

Blasting holes have different problems at least if ice is snow covered. If your not carefull you migth step on block that looks like it is intact, but actully floats freeely from main ice sheet. And if you manage to step on such block it migth turn upside down.

But in general you can't cause cracks that would progate any considerable distance from hole made. So feel safe and have fun.....

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