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Researcher 211643

I just want to sympathise with you as I am a fellow sufferer. I have had ME for five and a half years. Like you I thought I was losing my mind and I ended up having to take ill-health retirement from my career. Although I am very gradually improving it is a very slow process and sometimes feels like I am going nowhere at all. I am a middle aged person whose lifestyle is more limited than some 80 year old people. The best thing one can do in these circumstances is to focus on any positive aspects of your life (family, friends, small improvements in health,using the computer etc.)I know some people think it is 'all in the mind'. I've even thought that myself! But take heart from those sympathetic GP's and consultants who believe us and are themselves trying to develop treatments,cures and researching causes. I just wanted to say there is light at the end of the tunnel even though it may be faint at the moment.


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Hello, my name's Terri, & I'd like to say WELCOME! on two counts:

Firstly as an Ace, if you're new & need any help finding your way around the somewhat confusing world of h2g2, please don't hesitate to ask me (just click on the highlighted nickname above to go to my Personal Space, or simply press Reply below.)

If you could write just a little bit on your own Personal Space & give yourself a nickname it would make it very much easier for people to contact you -- it's very difficult (& impersonal) when we can only refer to you as a number!

Secondly,speaking as someone who is also affected by a condition involving the nervous system, you may well be interested in joining a group we have recently started called "De Myelin Nation" A889194
If you click on the highlighted number it will take you straight there.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Lighthousegirl - back on board

Hello there

I am sorry to hear you are a sufferer too smiley - hug

I was diagnosed in my 20's and its been a long and slow road. As you say sometimes the road seems to be going somewhere but other time you feel as if you have turned a corner and are again facing the wrong way

My experience has been that it can get better. I took a career break, changed roles and direction as a result. I have been fortunate and with care (and before anyone nags) I know often not enough care, I can have a career again. Its mostly been outside of work that I have not had the energy to rebuild. Give me time (lots of it) and rest and I will get there

I am sure, if you are not too hard on yourself, with the support and love of the group of people you mention you will get to where you want to be too

smiley - lighthouse


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I am a retired GP, I live Colwyn Bay, UK and I've had ME for 40 years. I now have this thoroughly under control and I devote 12 hours a day and four rooms in my house to running a UK Registered Charity called Overton Studios Trust which provides world-wide holistic online and offline production and support for sufferers from ME, CFS, PVS and Fibromyalgia.

You may like to have a look at our website - see URL below.

With every good wish,


Dr Michael Midgley MB ChB MRCGP MBKSTS
UK Physician
Director, Overton Studios Trust
Providing holistic online support for sufferers from ME, CFS, PVS,
Winner, CAM Outstanding Practice Award, 2003
Web Site: http://www.ostrust.co.uk

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