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Marshall Protocol -- a potential cure

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I am new around here so I hope this actually shows up as a new Myalgic Encephalomyelitis conversation.

I am a follower (and supporter) of a recent curative protocol that targets Th1 type diseases such as ME/CFS, Sarcoidosis, RA, and others. The research that was done has basically determined that many such diseases have a common etiology and can have a common method of combatting them as well. The people currently on the Marshall Protocol all over the world have been having success in not just suppressing symptoms but actually curing the cause of their disease. It is a cure based in solid medical research and solid reasoning for using various antibiotics in a certain way -- it is not alternative medicine or palliative in nature (in fact the patients get to feel worse before they feel better -- but they don't mind since they know the protocol is working because of that). There are even a growing number of patients in the UK on the MP now -- in spite of a rigid/regimented medical dispensing system you have here (in the USA they are not much better with a self-imposed rigid/regimented structure!). Medical politics aside if you check out the website you can learn a lot about the application of this method and how you can determine if you might be a candidate for it. If you have had ME or other such diseases for many years your body will be quite perfused with the CWD bacteria that are causing the symptoms and it does take a long time (year or two) to get them all killed. That is one interesting aspect of curing these diseases: as the bacteria are killed they release toxins that cause symptoms not unlike (or worse than) the illness itself. If the protocol was too effective and all the bacteria were killed at once (like a Movie Cure) then the patient would be killed as well from the toxins.
So follow the URL and take a look at what it takes and look at the success stories as well -- there are more every day it seems -- some small, some magnificent.
Dr Trevor Marshall makes no money from anything to do with the cure, supplying expertise free of charge. The protocol is dispensed by your own private doctor with standard generic ABXs and other drugs. The MP folks are truly there to help you along if you need it. It is quite an exciting thing to watch people report over the months as they slowly gain back health that they never dreamed they'd see again (or had never seen). I can't vouch personally for the effectiveness - i have no illness to cure, but it is quite exciting to even be observing what will no doubt be one of the most important curative therapies of this century.


there's the location -- good researching and please report back any of your impressions -- or future successes even!


Marshall Protocol -- a potential cure

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Very interesting!

Marshall Protocol -- a potential cure

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Thanx for your comment. It really is quite interesting and fascinating to read the explanations for the science behind the cure. Makes me wish I had been a doctor so I could be involved in this. Instead I have just taken up the task of informing people that it exists in hopes that even one person's life might be made whole again from the knowledge given.

(There's a whole 'nother fascinating thread associated with getting the National Institute of Health (USA) directors to acknowledge that this cure might be a Good Thing -- so far they have not. Fortunately for the people being cured it is not necessary that the NIH bless the protocol. However, if anyone at the BBC would like to take up the mantel and make the NIH position look silly or even downright darkage-ish (and maybe get yourself a Pulitzer Prize is the process) please feel free to start investigating.)


Marshall Protocol -- a potential cure

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I will look at this link.

Maybe you might like to post direct to De Myelin Nation, our place on here for all of us with demyelinating conditions. A889194

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Marshall Protocol -- a potential cure

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Thanx for that offer to post over there -- maybe you can also direct some of your members over here to take a look -- no doubt they already have?

I note from just a few quick readings in T-M-Nation that there are discussions of virus or even possible genetic causes.

The one thing you can be sure about a Th1 type disease is that any virus or bacteria you find in the blood or other fluids is almost guaranteed to NOT be the cause of the disease but simply a co-infection taking a ride on the CWD-weakened immune system. And treating the co-infections is usually a wasted effort over the long term.

The D-Metabolites tests (D,25 and D1,25) are the best indicators of a Th1 illness -- along with all of the clinical symptoms of course.

Good luck learning more about all this -- it is very enabling when you have a solid pathogenesis laid out for a whole class of diseases. Not only does it all start to make sense, but you can stop wasting time debating this or that possible cause or cure.


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